Our custom UL-approved LIGHTBOXES, available in almost any size, that display our WallMural Transparencies, mounted within the wall (recessed) or externally upon the wall.

Recessed Indows™

require only 4″ wall depth. Constructed of extruded aluminum, a 1/2″ knockout for hard wiring can be located centered on the back, the sides, top or bottom.

External Indows™

are 4″ deep and are designed for walls where recessing the lightbox is not possible. Available in standard black aluminum and other powder colors, hardwood, painted black or in any PMS color.

Specially-shielded lightboxes for the walls or ceilings of the MRI are available from the RF enclosure contractor; JFVTI will provide images laminated to 1/4″ plexi for incorporation within these lightboxes. JFVTI also has a source for after-market shielded lightboxes for the walls and/or ceilings; call us for this information.

Double-Sided Indows™

provide imagery on both sides of a wall, casting their ambience into two environments, simultaneously.

They can be used between corridor walls and Waiting/Holding areas, between dressing and exam rooms, etc. DOUBLE-SIDED INDOWs can be pedestal-mounted, or suspended from the ceiling for Lobbies or other public waiting areas.

All INDOWs™ are available in 110 VAC 60 hz, 220 VAC 50 hz, 277 VAC, or any custom current/voltage.


are placed, for optimal benefit, in all areas listed under CMTs, plus Lobbies/Waiting Rooms, Main Corridors, Chapels, Quiet or Meditation Rooms, Treadmill/Thallium uptake, Gowned and other sub-waiting areas, Dining Facilities, Psych wards, etc.