“In September we marked our 1st year anniversary and have
seen our new center grow and become very successful. One of the areas that continues to be a great source of positive patient
attention is your photographic artwork that we installed in each
of our imaging rooms.”

Peter J Julien
Director of Outpatient Radiology
Cedars-Sinai Imaging Medical Group


“Not only have the patients responded positively, but the radiation oncology staff, physicians, and many other hospital employees
have overwhelmingly praised the ambience that our new treatment room and its innovative artwork present to our cancer patients.”

Michael A. Vince, M.Sc
Senior Medical Physicist & Manager,
Radiation Oncology
Mercy Regional Cancer Center


“The patients tell me that your photographs have a distracting and calming effect on them in the waiting areas, changing rooms, and in our consultation rooms as well.”

Sincerely, William A Sweeney, M.D.
Alexander Z. Haas, M.D.
Radiation Oncology
St. Peters Medical Center