Radiation Therapy / Oncology

Most Radiotherapy departments are subterranean, with no windows to the outside world. Hence these environments scream for light, and many are dark, compromising further the already fragile state of mind of cancer patients. WMT’s and CMT’s are ideal for these stressful and frightening environments by creating walls and ceilings that glow with the ambiance of backlit transparencies.

CMTs and WMTs instantly transform and uplift environments including, but not limited to:

LINAC VAULT (Bunker), Simulator, CT/SIM, HDR/Brachytherapy, Gamma Knife, PET/CT, Main Lobby / Main Patient Waiting Area, Gowned Waiting, Exam / Consult / Special Procedure Rooms, Patient Corridors


Pictured above: LINAC 8′ X 18′ CMT(custom) & #2 – 8′ X 4′ INDOWs™ WMT